double layer mini blanket


Double Layer Bamboni® - For a heftier weight to the bamboni blanket you already know and love, our double layer bamboni® is just the thing! The double layering has double the “cloud-effect”, so you can expect even softer snuggles than ever before!

Double Layer Mini - Designed for the smallest snugglers, our double layer Bamboni® mini blankets are designed to provide safe, lightweight snuggles to your little one on every occasion! You can take comfort knowing that your little one is oh-so-comfortable with fabric designed for sensitive skin and a size perfect for tiny hands. Whether you’re on the go, or snuggling at home, your Saranoni mini blanket is along for the ride!

  • Double-Layer Bamboni® Mini - Sized at 15"X20"
  • Fabric - Created with 20% rayon from bamboo and 80% poly microfiber, this blanket is breathable, oh-so-soft and durable!
  • Available in: nightfall, pansy, petal, swiss cross, tan leopard, triangle